Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Book Incorrectly Takes Credit for Lean Success Stories

From a "Lean Six Sigma" book:
Pioneering hospitals such as Virginia Mason, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and many others have started using the Toyota Production System (a.k.a., Lean) and Six Sigma to make dramatic improvements in all aspects of healthcare. SSM Health Care in St. Louis and the Pittsburgh Regional Healthcare Initiative have used Lean Six Sigma...
I know for a fact that neither Virginia Mason nor ThedaCare (sometimes also cited wrongly as a "Lean Sigma" success story. The CEOs of both organizations have confirmed this with me.  They have not used "Six Sigma" and they don't label their approach as "Lean Six Sigma."

I'm also pretty certain that PRHI has never taught Six Sigma. In fact, there is only one reference to the phrase on their website:

"Lean Six Sigma" is not the same as "Lean." Many organizations use Lean methods and management principles without doing any formal Six Sigma work.

Again, there's nothing wrong with Six Sigma. My beef is with Lean Sigma people claiming credit wrongly.

When a book from a major publisher has a factually incorrect statement like this, it leads to others spreading the same incorrect idea.

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