Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sh*t Said on LinkedIn About #Lean, or "Professors Aren't Always Right"

Maybe I need to start a site called There's a lot of misinformation spread around by people in LinkedIn groups about Lean and Six Sigma. It's really frustrating.

Here's one of the recently laughable things I read in a discussion that started with the false "Lean = Speed" and "Six Sigma = Accuracy" dichotomy that I mentioned before.

That ugly PowerPoint slide is wrong. Factually incorrect, as I've said before - just look at Toyota's own Toyota Production System website and you'll see that Lean is about flow AND quality at the source.

Here's the comment.... from a professor... that really kills me:

Six Sigma is a tool used to implement Lean? That's a new one...

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  1. I love this blog! As a lean practitioner and certified in Six Sigma, I have heard and seen these common errors. People assume lean is just a bunch of tools and they couldn't be more wrong! They do not address quality/reducing variation as part of lean and the whole culture factor is ignored. You should have a link to share this on LinkedIn Mark!


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