Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lean is All About Efficiency and Not About the Customer?

Here is the usual claptrap about Lean being all about speed and efficiency.

A Lean Sigma presenter claims the following in a webinar:

He thinks Lean contributes nothing to meeting the needs of our customers? That Lean has nothing to do with product development, the Lean Startup, or quality?

The presenter then says that Lean and Six Sigma are just a bunch of tools to combine. That shows further misunderstanding of Lean.

Toyota people would say Lean is:

  1. Tools
  2. Philosophy
  3. Management System
It's an integrated system.

The presenter THEN contradicts himself a few slides later and is correct in saying that Lean is about understanding customer needs and value. Do people even listen to themselves talk and hear how what they're saying is inconsistent?

It's amazing how consistently wrong the Lean Sigma crowd is about Lean. It does everybody a disservice.

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