Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Lean Sigma Guy Says Lean Makes Defects Faster

A clip from a professional speaker who will go unnamed (but he is a "Lean Six Sigma" author and trainer)... in part he says, incorrectly, that somebody might say:

"We need to apply Lean to this process because we have a real quality issue." and he would respond:

"Go ahead and apply Lean to the process, you're gonna speed up your quality issue and make bad stuff faster."

This is shockingly wrong. Again, I'll point folks to the Toyota Production System website, where they clearly state that TPS (i.e., Lean) is about both Quality AND Flow.

The Lean Sigma crowd incorrectly says that "Lean is for speed and Six Sigma is for quality."

Ironically, this speaker says that "people confuse these things all the time." He's the one who is confused. He is wrong:



His book wrongly says that Lean is mainly about just efficiency and speed. This is a very common Lean Sigma fallacy:

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